About Us

Specialists in Concrete5, Bootstrap and WordPress Web Design and Development.

Website Design and Development Agency

Pili Pala Web Design is a small agency based in Bridgend, South Wales, United Kingdom. We love to create easy to use websites and website themes, and we make every attempt to build sites that are user-friendly and simple for clients to edit.

Easy to Use Websites

If you edit your own website, you may be pleased to hear that we use a very simple, yet powerful, content management system. It is as simple as point your cursor and click on the area you want to edit in most cases. Sometimes, you might have to drag what you want and drop it in an area. Nothing too strenuous!

Create Your Own Websites

A lot of people these days are creating their own websites using themes. If you are prepared to put in a little bit of time learning, you can save yourself some money this way. We create concrete5 themes that come with sample content and documentation. Check out our concrete5 themes website to learn more.